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El Chacoteo

Radio y TV


  • Extra-wide layout

    All layout

    There are 2 width size modes of the content block: in Homepage (considered as list page mode) and in detail page mode. In the Homepage, the width of the content block = 2 grids while in the detail page mode, the width of content block is 3 grids. The above image shows you the layout of homepage of our template --> content block = 2 grid.

  • Joomla 3.x Fluid & Responsive Design template

    Sample image

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  • Normal layout

    All layout

    The normal layout uses 4 grids. In Homepage, the content block width = 2 grids. In Detail page mode, the content block width = 3 grids.

    How the modules are changed when layout is changed from Wide layout to Normal layout?

    The modules in the grid 5 (in Wide layout) will be moved to available grids in Normal layout [grid 3 and 4 or under the content block (in Homepage) and grid 4 or under the content block (in detail page)] in the order from left to right. The moved modules will be located under the modules already in the grids.

  • Responsive Joomla 3.x Template

    Sample image

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  • Responsive Template Joomla 3.x

    Sample image

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  • Tablet layout

    All layout

    There are 2 layout types for tablet. The first one is Tablet Portrait layout and Tablet Lanscape layout ( the Landscape layout is the Normal Layout).

    The Portrait layout uses 3 grids. The content block has width of 3 grids in both homepage and detail page so all modules will be displayed under the content block.